Wii would rike to pray

2009-03-06 00:05:00 by Vakoto

I'm not sure if it will be the same project or something completely different, but i'm considering implementing the wiimote into a flash game :) I'm not sure how it would work for ones that are sync'd with bluetooth, but my teacher demonstrateded the same thing and it worked ok :O


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2009-03-06 16:10:42

damn that's a good idea! Too bad i would not be able to play it as i do not own a wiimote, but its something that's never been done before, try it!


2009-03-07 10:50:53

yeah taht's a really good idea


2009-04-26 13:51:49

Yes.thats a good idea!

people have managed to do alot of things with Wiimotes and computers.


2009-05-05 10:42:55

Wow u have to do that ! =D