Onward and Upward!

2009-03-01 04:58:21 by Vakoto

I'm suprised I got such great reception on that simple quickie game I made! Daily 10th on my first try? Thats always a nice thing :) Anyway I'm already starting to improve the gameplay and make the "Waaaay Better Version" of the game

Some things I had in mind:
>You can now look around with the mouse, since the camera now focuses on the distance between the character and the cursor.
>Maybe a walk/run command
>The cursor will have multiple funcions (Maybe a gun? :O)
>No glitchy slopes D:
>Rather than just hovering the mouse, I'll stick a timer button for "THAT DAMN PLANT" or anything related. Kind of like the timer switches in Zelda with out the weird ticking (or would you like that?)
>Many much more! :D

The main character wont be a gray stick man, but still will have that same style. The actual character will be named Kinoko, and hes the white haired guy in my current profile picture. A full-sized version can be seen <>HERE<>

Oh yeah, I'll make some flash movies too XD

Bonus treat: Heres little flash Kinoko...

Onward and Upward!


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2009-03-01 05:13:34

Dude, you know your post title is a line from the Oregon anthem.
You SHOULD know that, being an Oregonian.

By the way, I liked your game, sweet design for a quickie. I can see you making something that could easily get daily first if you implement those ideas there. My only real gripe was that I was falling through the leaves of the beanstalk on occasions. Keep it up, I see big things for you bro.

Vakoto responds:

EVERYONE hates the beanstalk... should I make it a boss? :P


2009-03-01 11:16:59

it was fun, but the hit detection was way off
if i fell from the bean stalk, i would fall through the platforms for a while
ill look foreward to it


2009-03-01 20:48:21

It wasn't so much I hated the beanstalk, it was a nice challenge when fair and made some sweet scenery. But maybe adding a checkpoint halfway up, some safe grounds that don't vanish, and yeah, making it further in the game close to a boss would be cool. Give the players some opportunity to get a handle on the gameplay before having something too hard, you know?

Vakoto responds:

I just want my art teacher to rip his eyeballs out after trying to play this, and then give me an A for good programing and visuals XD


2009-03-01 23:31:19

Sounds good. Maybe enemies and traps or even puzzles next time? :o