Deviantart? In my Newgrounds?

2009-07-16 04:03:00 by Vakoto

Sooo... I kind of scrapped the Wii idea... just for now though. I've also decided to abuse the Art Portal, and maybe put up character designs for a game that may possibly come out. who knows? :P

Wii would rike to pray

2009-03-06 00:05:00 by Vakoto

I'm not sure if it will be the same project or something completely different, but i'm considering implementing the wiimote into a flash game :) I'm not sure how it would work for ones that are sync'd with bluetooth, but my teacher demonstrateded the same thing and it worked ok :O

Onward and Upward!

2009-03-01 04:58:21 by Vakoto

I'm suprised I got such great reception on that simple quickie game I made! Daily 10th on my first try? Thats always a nice thing :) Anyway I'm already starting to improve the gameplay and make the "Waaaay Better Version" of the game

Some things I had in mind:
>You can now look around with the mouse, since the camera now focuses on the distance between the character and the cursor.
>Maybe a walk/run command
>The cursor will have multiple funcions (Maybe a gun? :O)
>No glitchy slopes D:
>Rather than just hovering the mouse, I'll stick a timer button for "THAT DAMN PLANT" or anything related. Kind of like the timer switches in Zelda with out the weird ticking (or would you like that?)
>Many much more! :D

The main character wont be a gray stick man, but still will have that same style. The actual character will be named Kinoko, and hes the white haired guy in my current profile picture. A full-sized version can be seen <>HERE<>

Oh yeah, I'll make some flash movies too XD

Bonus treat: Heres little flash Kinoko...

Onward and Upward!

First game evar

2009-02-27 04:30:04 by Vakoto

I used to toy around with Game Maker back in the day, but I finally worked in flash and made my first platformer game! :D

Nothing new yet...

2008-12-14 16:40:21 by Vakoto

I wont have anything new to put on here yet. Hopefully soon, once winter break is over and school has less work haha. XD